Same Day Suspension Repair
Suspension Repairs
9th June 2016

Car Servicing

At Centurion Fast Fit we strive to offer you the best possible service. We cover all makes and models in fast, friendly and efficient manner.

No job is too big or too small; we offer minor and major services for great prices and if you are in a hurry then we can more than often fit the job in the same day.

Our highly trained technicians use only the best quality parts when it comes to servicing your vehicle. You can be assured that your car will be taken care of and the job finished to the highest of standards.

Giving your car a regular service can help identify and reduce the risk of potential problems. Servicing your vehicle will make sure that it is running in the best possible condition. A happy car equals a happy driver.

Just remember that because the car feels OK to you, it does not mean the car is working exactly how it should be. The more miles you drive, the more wear and tear in the engine. Engine deterioration happens in a slow process and inside the engine so as the driver you may not feel the change. This can falsely make you believe that there is no issue with the car, thus prolonging the times between annual services.

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